Massive discounts on new cars for non-Israelis

If you are a non-Israeli with a visa, you can save tens of thousands of shekels on a new car at Target motors.

Picture it. You’re driving on the road in a brand-new Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, or Skoda. You are smiling from ear to ear because you know that you have just financed your brand-new car on terms beyond belief.

You can finance nearly 100% of the value of the vehicle at Prime + 0.6%! You simply can’t beat that deal anywhere else.

Thanks to a new partnership between Bank Leumi and Target Motors, you’ll be driving a nicer car at a better price.
Go ahead and find out what Israelis terms are of their car financing. You’re going to hear them talk about Prime + 4%, Prime + 5%, even Prime + 6%! But not you are getting good deal. Prime + 0.6%!
Your next move? Visit the Target Motors showroom at 68 Yirmiyahu St., Jerusalem, or call us at *3594 for more information.

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